Polyfloral & Monofloral Honey

Humans have consumed honey produced by bees for several millennia. There are several merits to honey, aside from its consumption as a food. All honey types can be divided into two groups of monofloral and polyfloral (multiflower) honey. Polyfloral honey is produced by honeybees using the nectar of several blooming plants, which gives it its uniqueness. Honey is a healthy source of energy and natural sugar. It also contains high amounts of antioxidants which is good for regulating blood pressure and preventing several digestive problems.

General Description

Our product comes from meadows and hills of western Iran. More specifically Kurdistan and Azerbaijan provinces of Iran are known for their wide range of wildflowers. Our Honey contains 2-3g Saccharose per 100g at most, which is lower than the universal standards. It also contains 500-1000mg of Proline per 1000g which is a lot higher than the common universal standards. Because the proportion of each nectar used in producing polyfloral honey is never the same, the viscosity, taste, aroma, and color of this type of honey vary from one hive to another. But generally speaking, it has a strong flavor and an intense aroma compared to monofloral honey. Its color is darker, going from dark amber to a brown-reddish hue and it runs thicker than monofloral honey.

Bellow you can find the product specifications in more detail:

CharacteristicValueUnitAcceptable amountUncertaintyTest method
AppearanceGoodAppropriate-Clause 5
Reducing sugars before hydrolysis76.59g per 100g> 658Clause 3-7
Reducing sugars after hydrolysis78.85g per 100g-8Clause 3-7
Saccharose2.15g per 100g< 51.2Clause 2-4-3-7
Fructose38.29g per 100g--Clause 4-7
Glucose38.29g per 100g--Clause 4-7
Fructose to glucose ratio1.00> 0.9-Clause 4-7
Hydroxymethylfurfural1.5mg per kilogram< 40-Clause 12-7
Proline624.7mg per kilogram> 180-11145

Natural honey kept in good storage conditions will not spoil or expire. It is best to store well sealed honey in a cool, dry and dark place and away from direct sunlight.  It should also be stored away from dust and any material with a strong odor.

Packed in a sealed food-grade 22 Kg Tin cans or 280 Kg food grade PE Drums. Other types of packing can be arranged on customer request.

Various packaging and labeling options available in different sizes and weights.
Most commonly ordered packages are PET jars.