Dried Barberries

Barberry, also known by its Persian name, Zereshk, is a shrub that grows sour, red berries. The plant is native to central Asia and the Middle East and is especially used in Iranian cuisine. With their tart and tangy flavor, dried barberries add an exquisite taste to different dishes, and the little ruby-like fruits give the food a lively touch of color. Dried barberries contain several beneficial compounds, mainly vitamin C, antioxidants, and berberine (a component found only in barberries) which makes them one of the most nutritional ingredients used in various dishes such as stuffed chicken, a variety of salads, and especially Persian jeweled rice, also know as Zereshk Polow.

General Description

Our barberries are well cleaned, double laser sorted, X-Ray scanned. Without sticking together and with their refreshing aroma, firm texture, natural red hue, and free from any insect damage, fermentation, or foreign odor, our dried barberries offer the highest quality in the market.

Bellow you can find the product specifications in more detail:

Moisture< 24%
Cap-Stem2g per 100g
Damaged barberries3g per 100g
Moldy barberries2g per 100g
Sand, Grit, SiltSand, Grit, Silt > 3 mm: 1 per 250 kg
Unripe2g per 100g
InfestationNo Live infestation
Dead infestation or parts thereof: > 3%
Stones< 0.5g: 1 per 20 tons
True hazardous foreign matter- such as glassTarget Nil
EVMEVM 1g per 100g
Mixed<1% by count

Will be safe for 18 months stored at 8°C  and for 12 months at 15°C in a dry well ventilated atmosphere away from sunlight.

Fumigation by methyl bromide gas

Packed in a sealed food-grade liner inside 7 Kg cartons.

Various packaging and labeling options available in different weights.
Most commonly ordered packages are Quad seal, Doypack, Pillow style made of various food-grade material.

Retail Packings of NutFruitGroup
_of which sugar 27.2 g27.2g
_of which saturates0.5g
Vitamin C24mg