Pitted Zahedi Dates

Dates are dark and sweet fruits grown on Phoenix dactylifera, better known as the date palm tree. Date palms are often called the tree of life in middle eastern culture, due to the role dates have in the local cuisine as the staple food of the region. Various kinds of dates are grown in Iran, one of which is the Zahedi date. As a cholesterol-free source of energy, Zahedi dates are often recommended by doctors for those who need to be on a special diet. Almost zero fat and high levels of protein have made Zahedi dates the perfect snack for those who look for healthy snacks to improve their overall health.

General Description

Our Zahedi pitted dates are prepared from ripe and high-quality fruits, harvested from their homeland in Iran. In this product, the pit of the fruit has been removed to make the fruit easy to consume. The color in Zahedi dates varies from yellow to light brown. The rather hard texture and low moisture make Zahedi dates fall under the semi-dry category. With no artificial sweetener or aroma, Zahedi pitted dates provide you with the most natural experience in consuming dates.

Bellow you can find the product specifications in more detail:

Select A50 to 60 pcs/lbYes
Select B60 to 70 pc/lbYes
GAQ70 to 80 pc/lbNo
FAQ80 to 90 pc/lbNo
IndustrialWithout countNo
Characteristic Tolerance
Black Spot < 0.5 % by weight
Calyx < 0.5 % by weight
Damaged Fruit < 0.5 % by weight
EVM (extraneous Vegetable Material) < 1% by count
Infestation No Live infestation
Dead infestation or parts thereof: < 3%
Mineral Stones, Grit < 0.5 gr: 1 per 4 Tons
Non-hazardous foreign matter (such as straw, thread, etc.) < 1 piece per Carton.
Broken/ incomplete < 20% by count
PitsSelect A: 0.2% by Count
Select B: 0.3% by count
Discoloured < 5% by count
Rotten/mould < 1% by count
Hard Ends < 2% by count
Flaking < 10% by count
Undeveloped < 1% by count
True hazardous foreign matter such as glass Target Nil

Will be safe for 18 months stored at -4°C in a dry and ventilated atmosphere away from sunlight. They should be stored away from any material with a strong odor or products that are easy to be infested.

Fumigation by methyl bromide gas

Packed in a sealed food-grade liner inside 10 or 20 Kg tapesealed cartons

Various packaging and labeling options available in different weights.
Most commonly ordered packages are Quad seal, Doypack, Pillow style made of various food-grade material.

Energy1249.7 KJ
Protein 1.89 g
Sucrose 1.89 g
Fiber 1.96 g
Total sugar 76.92 g
Calcium 60 mg
Iron 1.02 mg
Sodium 39.21 mg
Potassium 1.3 mg
Carbohydrate 69.8 mg
Glucose 30.07 g
Fructose 39.1 g